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Author of the medieval thrillers Falcons of Fire and Ice, Company of Liars, The Owl Killers and The Gallows Curse. 

I am delighted to share my website with you. Here you'll find  my news and information about events in which I am taking part, and also links to videos in which I talk about some of the historical background to my novels and share with you a few of the things that fascinate me about medieval life.

If you visit the Myth & Magic page you'll discover all kinds of medieval facts, folklore and forgotten words, as well as medieval recipes.

I do hope you will enjoy exploring the mayhem and mystery of the medieval world with me. If you want to keep up to date with the latest News & Events, why not sign up to receive the quarterly newsletter? The latest one is out now!

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Video Trailer for the paperback version of Falcons of Fire & Ice. View more Karen Maitland videos on YouTube.

News & Events

I have been having a Chin Wag with Richard Godwin at The Slaughterhouse about Falcons of Fire and Ice. I have also been a guest on Siren FM when I had a chat with Carol Goodman, author of  'The night villa'. Do take a look at both these interviews as well as the pictures on Facebook and the weblog about the opening reception of 'Lincoln Inspired'.

My ebooks are available world-wide as the Penguin eBooks of my novels The Gallows Curse and Falcons of Fire and Ice are now available in  the USA!

Please do listen to the Soundcloud interview about  Falcons of Fire and Ice on Nudge

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Myth & Magic

There once lived a priest who did not believe that witchcraft existed. One morning he was late rising from his bed and hurried to cross the bridge to his church. Impatiently he pushed in front of an old woman, instead of letting her go first, and in so doing caused her to fall in the mud. She cursed him ....

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